Here’s the most important thing you need to know: We have made this website to try to improve the image of Sanatan Dharma in the aspect of our families, our brothers our sisters, who don’t know about our culture our history our image, our ancestors. our power, our battles we have won. We must have know about our potentials, in ourselves then it should be conveyed to our new generations.

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What is Sanatan Dharma : Our team is working hard to help all of us to understand the actual picture of Sanatan Dharma. So that answer of this question may be clarified

Our History

We are normal, we are from normal Sanatani’s. We are committed to serve our brothers and sister by remembering our proud history. Why sanatan is best, Why we should feel proud to be a Sanatani Hindu.

Our Promise

We are promising to try our best to improve our knowledge about sanatan Dharma. So that we might understand it properly. And help our children to understand it and grasp it as best as possible